Kory Guy from Trinity Harvest in Fort Worth brings us this cool use of alternating materials/technologies.

The materials they used are: RGB light strips (they come in rolls), light bars, electrical 4 color wiring, wood trim, black paint, window screen, soldering iron, staple gun, all components to hook up light strips, dmx boxes, rgb light connectors, Coroplast, gaffers tape, pallets, 2×4’s and a nail gun. They made their own power boxes and DMX box sets. They painted the wood black and attached it in 12x12in. wood squares. This is how they powered and have control over the light colors from their lighting tech station: every light starting from the middle is numbered 1, 2, and 3 so all the 1’s can change to a different color and so can all the 2’s and 3’s.

They started by building a faux wall around our TV screens made from 2x4s painted black. Next they cut up some cardboard and taped it together using the gaffers tape, spray painted the cardboard, and then attached the window screen using a staple gun and a desk stapler. They framed out the window screen panels using trim from Home Depot and then they hung the panels from struts already installed from a previous design.

Then they assembled the light strips by cutting the rolls into 3ft. sections and placing them into the light bars. They attached the light bars to 3ft. long 1×2 in wood bars which were painted black. Next, they attached the bars to the wood to create a type of sound wave effect. This was done by measuring the length of the stage and subtracting the width of the window screen panels and dividing that number by how many bars they have to get even spacing. Then they took Coroplast and their pallet strips, also from a previous design, and used them to fill in the black spaces.

One of the issues they ran into is once they connected all the light strips they did not all turn on. They figured out that the light strip connectors did not match up on both ends so they cut off the connector clamps on all the wire ends and soldered the right color wires to match. This is very important to make the lights work right. Then they used gaffers tape to tape up any wires that were showing.

2014-12-28 15.18.22 2014-12-30 16.02.04 2015-01-07 19.58.24 10620119_1009620772384685_3739870510490951174_o 20141228_224242 20141230_160204 20141230_200958 20141230_225312 FB_IMG_1427749682810 FB_IMG_1427749805568 IMG_89763885136103 IMG_1010029301374932

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