Acoustics and Pallets

Steve Adams from First Assembly of God in Gainesville, FL brings us this nice mixture of squares and pallet pieces.

They built two 4×8 pallets with black cloth behind them. They used four LED light bars to light them from the bottom.

They also made 8 foot trusses out of 3/4 inch PVC and 1/2 inch PVC. Steve used a LED slim par can inside the truss to warm it.

The materials for the pallets and PVC trusses cost $110.

4 responses to Acoustics and Pallets

  1. Great design!!
    how did you make the truss from pvc pipes? How did you cross them?

  2. Awesome Design! How did you make the pvc truss? can you post up a pic of it

  3. I used a chop saw cut them on a 45 degree angle and drilled a small drill bit and put a screw through it.

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