4 Way PVC

“Tico” Irizarry, Javier Sotomayor and Kevin López from Iglesia El Maestro in Camuy, Puerto Rico brings us this cool use of PVC.

From Kevin: A 4-way three dimensional design made of PVC tubes and PVC panels.

The materials used were 2 inch PVC tubes and PVC panels for the arrows.

It took us three about a week to build it, on a $300 budget for materials. At first we tried to make the big vertical tubes 10 ft. tall but it wouldn’t fit and so we made it 7 ft. tall. The tubes and the arrows are screwed to a wood frame which is hanged in the wall with screws also. The bigger tubes are illuminated with 4 blizzard lighting hot sticks and the smaller ones with Elation Professional led 36 Tri-Bricks. For the arrows we used 2 Blizzard Lighting Q-sticks with 2 mirrors at the end so it would fill up the space a bit better, (I recommend using 4 of them instead of 2). We also have 10 Elation Professional Opti Tri-Par, 2 in the diagonal tubes and 8 at the top, and 4 Blizzard Lighting RGBW Blade moving heads. Finally for the cross we used 2 Blizzard Lighting Pixellicious and 2 Blizzard Lighting Pixellicious mini.

2 responses to 4 Way PVC

  1. Wow. This is a good a example of crativity. Looks awesome. And made with a very small budget.

  2. Miriam Soberal August 7, 2018 at 1:01 pm

    Great project , inexpensive and it looks awesome ! Great job for the Glory of God ! Congratulations !

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