String Arrangement

Charles Garwood from Lafayette Community Church in Lafayette, Indiana brings us these awesome string designs for their stage.

They built 5 2×4 frames, and drove a nail in every inch around the perimeter. They strung gray yarn on the back to give it some added depth, and used white yarn on the front. Total cost was around $100 for the yarn, wood, paint, nails, and mounting hardware. This design allowed them to easily re-string everything and create a new design in a matter of only a few hours, and at no extra cost as they were able to re-use most of the yarn. Spanning between the frames also allowed them to come up with even more design options.

21 responses to String Arrangement

  1. great design! whoever lit this design deserves a of credit too, really great color choices and wash.

  2. well done!!

  3. This is awesome!! What are the dementions of your stage?

  4. I get the frames are made of 2×4’s but what dimensions are they? 8 feet tall, 3 feet wide?

    I think we are going to try this one — it looks awesome!


  5. What type of wood did you use?

  6. Hello, I need your help. It will be able to give measurements of white and gray cotton lace which is recommended.

  7. Excellent design and flexibility. Have you considered putting LED tape around the inside of the frame?

    • Thought about it a few times. We actually have a few rolls of tape, but I’m terrible with a soldering iron so I haven’t done it yet.

  8. Hi! Awesome layout! Would you mind sharing what kind of lighting system you used for the screen washing. I am not too familiar with lighting so if you could give me the specifics that would be even more awesome

    • We use Chauvet SlimPar Q12 fixtures, one per frame. Typically 50% brightness, and ramp up to 100% during parts of songs

  9. What did you use to mount the frames?

  10. What is the size of the 5 frames?

  11. What gauge(weight, thickness) yarn did you use??

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