Snowflakes Falling Everywhere

Kay Shell at Orchardville Church in Xenia, Illinois brings us this ├╝ber hip Christmas design.

To create these flakes they downloaded some designs from Google images and projected them onto 4’x8′ sheets of 2-inch thick white styrofoam. The background was styrofoam sheets painted dark blue and screwed into upright black 2×4’s. The snowflakes were then attached to the background with long nails and the holes were covered with spackle. Once the snowflakes were in place they curved the edges with a hot knife. Random flakes were hung from the ceiling with clear fishing line.

5 responses to Snowflakes Falling Everywhere

  1. How did they cut the snowflakes so they were so straight? Not a wire cutter, because it tends to curve?

    • We used a electric jigsaw knife. At first we tried a hot knife and it kept over heating and was hard to control a straight angle on the foam board. Altogether it took about 4 hours to get them all cut for what you see in the pictures.

  2. I am working on the same kind of idea for our church. Where/ how did you make the patterns for the snowflakes?

  3. I am making large snowflakes for stage at church. I have lots of cardboard. Need easy way to cut shapes. Help!

  4. Where can I get the foam board and how much

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