Slats and Tapes

Sean Bolinger from Christian Faith Center in Federal Way, WA brings us this beautiful way to soften LED tape.

From Sean: For this set we wanted to achieve something that spanned across our entire stage and also gave the look of an A-Frame chapel. We started by creating the main pillar structures which are held up by trussing that we welded out of ½” square metal tubing. Then we attached ½” MDF we painted black to the pieces of trussing. Attached to the MDF is ¼” plywood that we stained a light gray and cut into slats that are 3” and 6” and we stapled them onto the MDF in a specific pattern. After we had them all assembled we stood them up on our stage, the center is 28’ tall and the shortest on the outsides are 13’ tall. After they were up we lined the edges with LED tape to shoot color across the wood. In between each of the pillars we attached strips of LED tape and aluminum work light cans in a pattern and wired them all up. We then created a smaller and slightly different look at one of our other campuses. All together between the two campuses we spent around $4000 to achieve the very large looks.

3 responses to Slats and Tapes

  1. Sean what did you attach the LED strips to on the side of the slats? U-channel or did you add some wood sides to attach them to?

  2. I’m with Chad above, can we get a pic up-close of how you attached the LED’s? Love the versatility and texture here.

  3. I have the exact same question. Getting ready to build something similar and trying to figure out the LED tape on the sides.

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