Serrated Trees

Cornerstone Creative (via Ben Kolarcik) from Cornerstone Chapel in Leesburg, VA brings us these sawtooth Christmas trees.

Inspired by a wood, laser cut tree spotted at a retail clothing store, they snapped a picture and gave it to their lead graphic designer who replicated the design. Then they submitted it to a local large format printer who can die cut images on either Coroplast and/or thin PVC material. They opted for PVC.

They decided on three sizes. Four 8-foot trees along the back, two 5-foot trees, and two 4-foot trees to break up the symmetry a bit. They suspended the larger trees with fishing line and built bases with spare wood from their last stage design for the 5-foot and 4-foot trees.

Prior to their Christmas Eve services they used their triangle truss to break up the trees and add visual interest.

They always add special layers for their Christmas Eve services of which there were seven this year. They added banners printed at EchoDGraphics with Scriptures designed to match their aesthetic. Then they strung globe lights throughout the entire sanctuary for an open air/immersive feel for the congregation and added additional string lights on stage all programmed to each lighting scene.

They lit each small tree with Venue ThinPar 64 LED lights and added Chauvet COLORstrip LED lights in the ceiling for additional backlight and lighting of banners and large trees.

Their total budget was approximately $2,500.

40 responses to Serrated Trees

  1. Love the tree design – wondering if you have the template for the trees in downloadable image. If so, would you be willing to sell it? We want to do something similar in December.

  2. Can you email it to me as well –

  3. Chris – I’d like to jump on the bandwagon to have you e-mail the design to me, too. Thanks! What is the pvc material? Does it come in large sheets at a local hardware place (Lowes, etc)?

  4. Can you email me as well –

  5. would love to do this for our Christmas service this year at the mansion !!! could u email the template for the trees? God bless:)

  6. Hi Chris,
    Love your stage design so much.)
    Can you please send me your tree image on my email-
    Thank you and may God give you many more awesome ideas.
    God bless!!! Keep up your great work!!!

  7. Love this could you email me the design to

  8. Love this! Can you email me the design also. Thanks

  9. Great design…can you email the design to us as well?

  10. Hello, this is one of the most beautiful sets I have seen for Christmas. Love the trees so much and I would greatly appreciate the template/design for this year’s service. My email is
    Thank you so much and God Bless

  11. If you are still emailing the design, I would love to have it.

  12. Gigi Clingingsmith November 1, 2014 at 6:49 am

    Would love to have the design emailed to me. Thank you.

  13. Fantastic! Simple and elegant. Could you please send me the template too, I would love to have for our Church VBS this year…it’s perfect!
    Thank you.

  14. Just saw this too. I would absolutely love the template too. Here is my email Blessings

  15. Beautiful details, would appreciate the template,
    Thank-you in advance.

  16. Love it! I would like to receive the tree template, as well. Thank you!

  17. Hi, Looks like we have just joined the looong list of folks who wants the tree template!…could we have it emailed???
    it looks good & it would be a help for our church. any help would be appreciated!
    Thank you!

  18. Hi, Looks like we have just joined the looong list of folks who wants the tree template!…could we have it emailed too???
    it looks good & it would be a help for our church. any help would be appreciated!
    Thank you!

  19. Beautiful!! Would love to have the template as well. If you still have it. :-) please email to

  20. It’s beautiful and so simple. Please email us the design as well.

  21. Powerful, simple design. Add me also to the list of emails to forward the templates,

  22. Add me also to the list of emails to forward the templates

  23. Please share tree template. Would like to use for VBS Everest this year. Thanks.

  24. Could you please send the template to me as well? I would like to use it for our children’s Christmas musical this year!! My email is

    Thanks in advance!

  25. Could you email me the template for the trees as well?! Love the design!! Thanks in advance!!

  26. Hey Chris. I know you’re probably tired of sending out the templates for the trees but, could you send them to me as well please? Thanks so much!

  27. Jillinda Cavedoni December 5, 2015 at 8:21 pm

    Hi Chris
    I would love the template for the tree, too! Please and thanks!! Happy Holidays!

  28. This is beautiful!!! I would love to have a template too. Kindly email to; thanks and Godbless!

  29. Hello! Absolutely beautiful! If you still have the template, could you please email it to me as well at . Thank you so much!

  30. This is the best stage that I have seen. I would appreciate having the tree template, too.


  31. Please add me to the template list, I would appreciate it!

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