Pole Back Stage Design

Pole Back

Mike Gerrells from Mission Hills in Littleton, CO brings us this great pole backdrop.

The design was a generic backdrop that could work for 3 months for weekend services and events that were happening this summer. They needed something simple but with a big look. Total cost for the boxes and pipe $150.00


5 – 8′ long x 12″ tall x 12″ deep boxes made out of 1/2 MDF with 3/4 plywood on the edge and center for support. On the top and bottom layer of the box they drilled 16 – 1 1/8″ holes to support the 3/4 white PVC pipe then painted the face and top black. Mike then cut the PVC to different lengths from 10′ to 5′ and put them in the holes in a random order.

Lighting Design

Rigging –
The V truss is a truss cube with 2 – 10′ and 1 – 5′ truss per side.

Moving Lights
10 – Chauvet R2 LED spots
3 – Chauvet R@ LED wash
4 – Elation 700 spots
10 – Elation Six par 200
1 – MDG atmosphere hazer
Controller is a MA dot 2

IMG_1528 IMG_1529 IMG_1530 IMG_1593 IMG_1597 IMG_1598 IMG_1601 IMG_1605 IMG_1624 IMG_1625

16 responses to Pole Back

  1. How did you light the PVC once it was installed in the box?

    • Mike Gerrells July 20, 2016 at 4:29 pm

      I used 6 LED pars to uplite at 45 degrees that gave me the solid color and then used 4 of the moving heads on the truss with a Dot gobo pattern to and movement and color to the pipes.

  2. Can i have a clear pictures of how you paint and put the lighting to shine your pvc please? love it so much.
    My email address is fitryati@yahoo.com

    Thank you

  3. How much distance did you put between each pole?

  4. Can you also share the design with me? jeffpoole@me.com

  5. Could you send me the design also, ypcomstock@gmail.com

  6. We just build one of these over the weekend and unfortunately drilled all the 1″ holes just like the instructions said before realizing that 3/4″ pipe is 1 1/16″ OD. For anyone trying to make these in the future i would recommend drilling a 1 1/8″ hole. To avoid having to enlarge all 128 holes after the fact!!! but other than that it turned out awesome.

  7. We’re loving this design. Could I have it as well? Thank you so much! cwiens@portnaz.org

  8. Could I also get the design as well? Thanks! It looks amazing jaredirish30@yahoo.com

  9. Hi,

    Could I be sent the design as well? Also, where you possibly purchased all the lights? Thanks so much!


  10. Did you do anything additional to keep the pipes straight?

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