Throwback: Project: Boxes

Paul Snyder from Fairfax Community Church in Fairfax, VA brings us this awesome piece of 3d projection and masking. (Originally from July 2012) Continue Reading…

Cross Hatched Design

Bill Grabowski from Grace Church Sarasota Campus in Sarasota, Florida brings us this great PVC pipe design. Continue Reading…

Here are the most visited stage designs for the month of May 2018. Just want to say another big thank you to all the stage designers who submit their stuff for us to see.

  1. Air Filtered – 3,073 views
    Benjamin Davis from dv8 Youth Ministries in Crowley, TX
  2. Burning Boards – 2,581 views
    Matt Holcomb from The Door Fellowship in Williamsport, PA
  3. Particles of Christmas – 2,225 views
    Ben Wysong from LifePointe Christian Church in Elk Grove, CA
  4. Stage Origami – 2,172 views
    Aníbal Ramírez, Rafael Ortíz, José Milán, Ricardo Santiago and Emilio Cuadrado from Casa de Adoración Jabes in Bayamón, Puerto Rico
  5. Dots and Spots – 1,898 views
    Ryan Sharp, Michael Thompson, and Nate Click from Evergreen Christian Community in Olympia, WA
  6. Reach Out – 1,642 views (new to the list)
    Chris Leigh from Jubilee Fellowship Church in Lone Tree, Colorado
  7. Patterns in the Yarn – 1,627 views
    Christopher Law from SpringHill Camps
  8. LED by the Spirit – 1,497 views
    Cypress Church from Cypress Church in Galloway, Ohio
  9. Bubbled Walls – 1,463 views (new to the list)
    Jordan Christie and Luke Seager from Hillcrest Spanish Trail in Pensacola, FL
  10. Thin Lines – 1,399 views
    Brian Black from The Fellowship Round Rock in Texas

Great job, stage designers!

Throwback: A Ghostly Cross

Declan Smith from Christian Family Centre in Seaton, South Australia brings us these awesome stained glass pieces with a very ghostly cross behind them. (Originally posted July 2012) Continue Reading…

29 Hours

Alayande Kunle from Real Life Christian Centre in Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria brings us this great design for an event that lasted 29 hours straight! Continue Reading…

Throwback: Multi-Texture Triangles

Diane Salzmann from Christ Community Church in Illinois brings us this lovely use of texture! (Originally from Jun 2012) Continue Reading…

Pixeled Arrows

Weston Balogh from Agape Faith Church in Winston-Salem, NC brings us this awesome pixel LED tape design. Continue Reading…

Throwback: Cascade

Joel Wyant from Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, KY brings us this beautiful fabric texture. (Originally from July 2012) Continue Reading…

Glowing in Circle

Josh Bengen from Crossroads Church in Jersey Shore, PA brings us this fun use of circles for their stage. Continue Reading…

Throwback: Bubbles Three Ways

Ezequiel Naveros from Potential Church in Florida brings us this stage design using three different imaginings up bubbles. (Originally from Jun 2012) Continue Reading…

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