Mountains and ValLED

Nate Drege from Calvary Church in Muscatine, IA brings us this great LED tape design.

From Nate: This design was inspired off an earlier design “Peaks and Valleys”. We took the design to the next level by adding LED strips to the design. We began by framing up each wall with 2×4 lumber using 16″ spacing. I built the walls in 12′ long sections. We then connected each section while it was laying on the floor. To make our angles we simply snapped a chalk line from corner to corner and then cut our boards along that angle. Next we separated the sections and anchored each one into the floor and to the wall.

The next step was to attach sheets of 3/4″ rigid foam insulation to the wall we had framed up. We attached the foam with 1″ wafer head screws. Once it was attached we used a hot knife to cut off the excess foam and cut our angle. Finally we painted the foam board with flat black paint. It took around 8 gallons of paint to to cover.

Next we built the troughs for the led strips to sit in. This part was tricky and may be easier to simply use all wood construction. We ripped down plastic gutter sections and then attached them to 1″x4″x 8′ boards. We painted these sections with flat white paint. The amount of paint and materials will depend on the scale of your project. We attached them with 18 Gauge trim nails around the outside of the structure and aprox. 2′ spacing between the horizontal sections.

Next we placed the led strips in the troughs and ran wiring behind the framed wall. I will include links to the components we used for the lighting and a description below. The total cost for the lightning components were around $1,600 and the expense for lumber and other materials was around $1,700. It is a fairly complicated build so make sure you have skilled workers for each step.

Tech Description:

img_5759 img_5763 img_5803 img_5807 img_5823 img_6835 img_6836 img_6837 img_7057 img_7058

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