Corrugated Ghosts

Joseph Mendes from The Tabernacle in Clarksville, TN brings us this corrugated look.

From Joseph: We were well overdue for a change to our stage design. Coroplast squares were no longer appealing, and everyone was anxious to see something new. We have a smaller stage that’s not very deep, but we still chose to do something that was potentially risky. We moved our drummer to the center of the stage. I had a wood worker in the church make me (3) platforms. One was 8’x’6’x2′ (for the drums) and the other two were 4’x4’x1′ (for bass and guitar). I then covered the platforms with roofing metal that I picked up at Home Depot for $10 a sheet. We trimmed it out and carpeted the top to finish the look.

On the actual stage backdrop – I used (2) 30′ length of 1″ EMT Conduit and secured it to the ceiliing with wire to create a rod to hang the backdrop from. One was 6″ off the wall, and the other was about 10″ off the wall. I used chain and shower curtain hooks to hang 8′ sections of roofing metal on the back bar at varying heights. On the front bar, I cut white and clear plastic roofing material to various lengths and hung in at varying heights as well.

We already had (8) Chauvet Slimpar T12 fixtures installed for front color – so we added (8) Chauvet Slimpar H6’s for the backlight that shines across the panels. The result was a modern industrial look that looks high end for our live stream, and is awesome live as well!


  • (17) 8′ corrugated galvanized panels
  • (5) 8′ PVC Roof panels – white
  • (4) 8′ PVC Roof panels – clear
  • 100′ of thin black chain
  • some spray paint
  • a couple of taco party platters from Taco Bell

Total cost of raw materials (not including lighting) was under $600.

img_-1 img_-3 img_5128 img_5141 img_5142 img_5143 img_5151 img_5161 img_5162 img_5186

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  1. Really great look! Thanks for the idea!

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